Rearrange the paragraph (Reading)

1.You need to figure out the past tense at the starting sentence (that would remain the 1st sentence of paragraph).

2. Skimming the text in reading, just chunk out the repeated words in the single choice/multiple options in 4-5 seconds and later concentrate on the main passage where the word appears and match the relative meaning.

3. Same for listening single & multiple choice.

4. For listening no need to worry, but you need to be fast in fill up the sections. (Note down in the erasable notepad which they will provide and later enter the answer in these sections)

1. Paragraph reading – Speak fluently and try to see the next words which you need to speak as it comes. Do not try to speak in any US/UK accent.

2. Repeat the sentence – Try remembering the words as they say OR try repeating the same words without sound as much as you can because there will not be any beep after the main audio ends, you need to start it immediately.

3. Describe an image – Chunk out the main points in the image and speak continuously till the time ends and more over concentrate on the Vocabularies and Grammar.

4. Writing For Writing you need to segregate the paragraphs and starting, firstly, secondly and in a nut shell or conclusion like so on, and you need to check the timings as you would run out of time.